it’s getting VERY SCARY around here

Trumper’s EPA Emperor Scott Prouitt doesn’t believe in climate change.
Last week he banned three URI Scientists the EPA had hired to study Narragansett Bay from reading their report.

Sinclair Broadcasting has begun force-feeding WJAR three mandatory (daily Terrorism Alert; “news” from its chief political analyst (former U.S. President Trump aide Boris Epshteyn; and opinion pieces from former Sinclair V.P. Mark Hyman. I have not yet seen any of the mandatories and am sore afraid to.

RI Congressman David Cicilline is complaining to U.S. Arrorney General Jeff Session and the Federal Communications Commission about possible further Sinclair growth by merger with the Tribune Media Company, that would allow Sinclair programming in 72 percent of American homes.

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Trees & Nuts and enjoying home – grown








Ma’s moving in with misspolly


raw jam

and the laughs are just getting started

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let me introduce myself …..March

I am March


I am the season of  a mostly good communal fun we have as a nation – March Madness – when the nation’s notion of perfect youth and athleticism goes on full display –  along with their families, universities, towns and regions agree to have some good clean for real fun in the snow until the spring comes, which it does always do when the final net is cut and the final shot edited and we all sing as one “I am the Greatest” or we are or the shining moment is or whichever words soar with life at its most possible physical pinnacle.

It is raw. It is real. It is wonderful true.

I am the season roaring in on a last gasp of nasty blowing blunderbussing, get the candles, we got candles? natures furious kind of way…spitting icy discomfort on the tail of another long  lonely winter.

And I am the crocus of April

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Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

description: black comic dramedy. television

location: Netflix

it will amuse you and reinforce nervous laughter skills

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Remembering Richard Walton

I know Richard Walton as a genteel and elegant genthleman scholar who plied his vigilant notice through many corners where most of never quite reach:  He was an international journalsi and thinker; he was a builder of things that outlive him –  like  a school in Nicaragua and making its town Nikinomo   a Providence Sister City program in the 19980s and 1990s.

He lived in Rhode Island in an old stately dereliction of a shore home in Pawtuxet Cove, grew a Santa Claus beard,  was instrument in forming and caring for the Stone Soup Coffeehouse and fostering good and folk music throught the region.  He was known around labor, storytelling, activation, civil rights and children’s theater programs. He hanged often in Hope’s, the Providence Journal/ Trinity Square waterhole of the ’80’s.

I loved and awed Richard Walton since I first met him in the 1970’s. He always liked me too and the last time I saw him was at my own ramshackle abode on a waterfront in need of attention: He came  with a big home-grown squash hoping it would be appreciated.  His concern made it so.





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marching on the pond


geeses & reflections


and basketballs

and dreams of spring.

The curmudgeon in me yearns already for wintergloom , but it’s hard to be cranky when painted faces of Hope and Awe,  proud Mama’s and Papa’s, hoop heads and exuberant road-tripping teens  are  blowin’ their horns in Providence (where we  welcome  musicians).


I think the ncaa men’s basketball tournament is about the best jolt from the doldrums anyone could pray for – and we all get to watch for free the best reality show ever: featuring amazing young athletes swooozing  through endless others as astounding as him(er)self through rings of fire and still being in a very big light of very hot energy hitting the shot in a gorgeous grand-jete from foul line to rim.

putting on a very great show that won’t end until they splice the last frame into One Shining Moment and  the Media Circus vans leave town – some for the Highway to Houston,  the rest  to sleeping in on a spring smelling day.


It always rejuvenates me.

For final thoughts on the final seconds of this 2016 men’s final .. stay tuned.


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Pictures from around noon around colder than usual

This gallery contains 2 photos.


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old hopes and new years

Anyone curious. Anyone nostalgic for insightful and well-crafted political/ spiritual guidance will swoon.
Anyone wanting to step back into a half hour with William Sloan Coffin should “google and find” an 1984 interview with the pastor to the movement.
“It Takes Conviction Not Opinion to build a Cathedral”, produced by John Whitely for Quest For Peace is a very fine fireside companion

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Mysterious Syndrome Can Cause People to Become ‘Drunk’ Without Drinking (ABC News)

The baffling case of a woman who was arrested for DWI without drinking has spotlighted a rare condition called “Auto-Brewery” syndrome, where the digestive system becomes its own tiny brewery.

The woman was able to get the charges dismissed after her lawyer presented evidence by a doctor that she had the rare syndrome, according to the AP. The syndrome causes substances in the gut to ferment food into ethanol, thereby causing a person’s blood-alcohol level to spike. While the story of food-turning-to-alcohol in the body may seem like a convenient tale for the police, doctors have found the rare condition in multiple patients.

As a person’s blood-alcohol level rises, he or she can exhibit all the same symptoms as someone who drank too much liquor, including slurred words and confusion. In one case, the patient said that alcohol could be smelled on their breath.

Dr. Richard Peek, a professor of medicine and cancer biology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said the cause of the symptoms is not fully understood although there is one likely culprit.

“Yeast are normally in the GI tract and the commonality of all these case reports is they have an increased number of candida,” Peek told ABC News. “When [yeast] ingest a meal that has a high amount of carbohydrates, they metabolize the carbohydrates into ethanol.”

Peek said the alteration of the gut’s bacteria, called the microbiome, has far-reaching effects with auto-brewery syndrome being one of the most drastic results.

“These observations show the importance of gastric microbiota or microbiome in altering functions,” Peek said. “It really can regulate or cause disease such as irresistible bowel syndrome and it’s been linked to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, fatty liver.”

Peek said more study was needed to pinpoint the exact cause and find a cure that works for all patients.

“You could recommend a low carbohydrate diet and in some cases that has worked to reverse the symptoms,” Peek said, stressing that these treatments have not been proven for every patient. “You can treat the patients with antifungal medications to reduce the load of candida in microbiota.”

While most people will not end up with a tiny “brewery” in their gut, Peek said anyone can face an alteration of their micrombiome, due to illness, antibiotics or other conditions.

He recommended a good diet, exercise and occasional probiotics to achieve a healthy microbiome.




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