marching on the pond


geeses & reflections


and basketballs

and dreams of spring.

The curmudgeon in me yearns already for wintergloom , but it’s hard to be cranky when painted faces of Hope and Awe,  proud Mama’s and Papa’s, hoop heads and exuberant road-tripping teens  are  blowin’ their horns in Providence (where we  welcome  musicians).


I think the ncaa men’s basketball tournament is about the best jolt from the doldrums anyone could pray for – and we all get to watch for free the best reality show ever: featuring amazing young athletes swooozing  through endless others as astounding as him(er)self through rings of fire and still being in a very big light of very hot energy hitting the shot in a gorgeous grand-jete from foul line to rim.

putting on a very great show that won’t end until they splice the last frame into One Shining Moment and  the Media Circus vans leave town – some for the Highway to Houston,  the rest  to sleeping in on a spring smelling day.


It always rejuvenates me.

For final thoughts on the final seconds of this 2016 men’s final .. stay tuned.


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