by Polly Reynolds

So far Rhode Island’s handling of, uses of, overseeing of, and implementing incorporation of cannabis into society has been strikingly stellar.  There is absolutely no reason to stop now: There are huge reasons to leap and lead the mari-juaggernaut  rolling in from the west.

Rhode Island is poised to become the first state in the East to legalize “ recreational” (versus “medicinal”) marijuana – and thereby also legalize Hemp.

Colorado, ending its first year of legalized cannabis, has already created 18,000 marijuana-related jobs and garnered millions to the state treasury.  Meanwhile European entrepreneurs keep selling us hemp seed and product(s).

Hemp: a multi-use, multi-faceted, miracle substance will spawn major innovations and industries from here.  Agriculturally, medicinally, environmentally and materially,  the sky is the limit for what can grow on here.

Come on, Rhode Island leaders (?).  Instead of plodding along familiar lanes by habit making turns where old landmarks used to be, fit the sails and steer the ship .

Nothing more typically  R.I. than missed opportunity

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