Why marijuana

January 14th, 2014


Here’s Why I DO smoke pot and think you should have the right to.

It is an effective ’good-for-what-ails-ya” for lots of symptoms for lots of things.

I have MS.  I’d taken advices of  “professionals” and  specialists and hypnotists  exorcists, contortionists etcetera to zoologists …. .

I  had stung myself with bees, I had eaten green algae-like substances and brewed up dandelion stews. I had spent a year daily injecting myself with  interferon – a chemical nasty enough to possibly alter a course of downward sliding neurological disease  with  called cell death cascades  It made my sick with “flu-like  symptoms “ every day (some darker than others).

I began self medicating once I realized marijuana’s soothing effects in calming  a broken nervous system.   I welcomed and appreciated the herbs powers and  began proving witness. And writing.   And testifying before our state legislature. The stuff really truly does something muscularly and psychically to allow and encourage appropriate exercises , mind and body.

For two hours I can actually stretch a thought through and write it down.

I encourage all humans to Relax and Breathe

Polly Reynolds