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A venal vernal equinox

  with brackets bursting in air.   March — always the land of lions and pussy cats or shallow willows or something. And, true to form, college basketball’s getting us through this final push to spring when we all can … Continue reading

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October 7, 2012 On Why We Take From “the entitlees” The maimed, weak,  the  blurry or blind. None of us wanted to end up in whatever our situations are.  None of us wished for the cushy life of crippleddom.   And … Continue reading

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REYNOLDS RAP- March- Breakin’ to keep Hoops alive

March   But this madness?    . Insert whatever freaks of nature or happenstance are freaking you. Yeah yeah. Lion roar!. but, for real, the lions want to kill us. even the best of us.    

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